Top Ways to Protect Your Mobile Phone

There are three main areas in which you can take steps to protect your mobile phone. Why does it need protecting you may ask? Well let me answer that question and provide some solutions as well.Firstly think about what you do with your phone. You pick it up in the morning as you go out the door and slip it in a bag or a pocket, where it jingles around with keys, coins and who know what else. Then you may put it on a desk at work, a table at lunch, or on the car dashboard as you drive home in the evening. Over time this can lead to the phone easily becoming scratched, chipped and bashed, something which can particularly effect the camera if the lens area is scratched, or the touch screen, particularly on mobiles that have large screens covering most of the front of the phone.There are a number of products that can help reduces scratches and protect the phone, including full cases which usually have a leather back and a clear or open front element. These do however make the device much more bulky and somewhat less easy to use. If this style case is not to your liking, then a screen protector is a must. This clear overlay sits on the screen and takes all the scratches and other abuse that the unprotected screen would have had. Some go further still and will protect a whole phone in a thing transparent rubber coating.A second area that you need to consider in mobile phone protection is that of your information stored on it. Like a personal computer, mobile phones are very sophisticated technical devices but like computers they are also susceptible to data loss or corruption. Indeed many smart phones now rely on third party apps which users install and firmware upgrades released from the manufacturers and adding these risks something going wrong. Whilst a reset or reformat of the phone can usually resolve these problems, it will mean your data is all lost. The simple precaution of backing up your data on a regular basis can ensure that this does not cause you any heartache and with many phones having USB connection leads to connect them to a computer, this routine should not be too time consuming.Finally you may want to consider what happens if your phone is lost, stolen or accidentally broken. The purchase price can be substantial and because phones are small and portable they can easily fall foul of these dangers. Insurance is available, usually for a small weekly premium, but before committing you should check that your phone is not already covered by your household contents insurance policy.